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Continuing a Legacy.
Est. 1963

 Picking up where my Granny, Nancy Anderson, left off. At Taylor Tolley Dance Studio our goal is to provide a fun, affordable, community minded Dance Studio. We will help develop a great love for dance, while building self confidence and discipline, and most importantly, some cool tricks. Discipline, focus, creativity, and passion are the building blocks for success, and the most important parts of Dance. We want every student to leave with knowledge, skills, and experiences that they can rely on in any path they decide to take. To us, it's more than just a dance studio, it's a place to grow and to learn how to become successful with hard work and determination and to always remember to have fun.
Dance is where artistry and athleticism meet, and this theme carries through all classes taught at Taylor Tolley Dance Center. Students receive the type of training that turns them not just into successful dancers, but accomplished human beings, prepared to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

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