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Classes range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Activities include floor exercises, trampoline, and some strength conditioning.  Students learn body control and muscle memory. This class will help your child reach their potential, every class is designed for the individual and we work with whatever level they are at and to the level they aspire to get to. 


Boys tumbling is the same as the girls class just for boys. Here we focus on building the foundations for the future athlete and most importantly a great celebration dance after they score the winning touchdown. But seriously, we work on discipline, focus, and body control. Flexibility and agility are so important to work on at a young age. Your sons will be able to use what they learn in this class to get ahead of their peers and be successful in countless ways. 


Dancers will learn a combination of creative movement skills, fine motor skills, and classic ballet steps. This class can be a wonderful jumping off point for girls who show interest in music, love using their imagination, and enjoy moving their bodies in creative ways. We work on flexibility, discipline, and gracefulness. 


Open to boys and girls. Tap class can be one of the toughest yet most rewarding forms of dance. Constructing a strong connection from your mind to your feet creates complete body awareness and control over your body. Tap class sharpens reflexes, improves memory skills, and coordination. 


This is a fast-paced, high energy dance class. The emphasis is less on technique and more on personal style. Class start with a warm up designed to get to blood pumping, then student will move on to learning and perfecting hip-hop choreography. We focus on developing rhythm and coordination while encouraging personal style.   


We work on the basics and fundamentals of cheer. Whether your daughter is a beginner or already on the varsity cheer squad we can help them perfect their craft. A big emphasis on flexibly, jumps, motions, and confidence.

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